Serving Suggestions

Our Sweet Hot Mustard is great on so many snacks and dishes we've lost count. Below are just a few ideas and were sure you'll come up with some of your own.

& Salads
- dipping sauce
- for making potato salad
- for making macoroni salad
Seafood - dip for shrimp
- marinade for salmon
- dip for sushi
- rub when bar-b-queing
Beef - dip for tenderloin tips
- marinade for steak
- rub when bar-b-queing
Chicken - dip for chicken fingers
- spread for chicken sandwiches
- marinade for chicken
- rub when bar-b-queing
- for making chicken salad
Snacks - dipping sauce for any snack
- spread on sandwiches
- great addition to any bar-b-que

For best results Serve Chilled, Stir and Refrigerate after opening.

We'd love to hear from you if you've come up with a new way to use our Sweet Hot Mustard. Contact us with your new creation.

Copyright 2009 JP Fossil Creek