About JP Fossil Creek

We would like to share with you how our recipe came about.

Most family recipes have been handed down for many generations as ours have been.

It's been in our family for almost 100 years and used at so many family/friends get-togethers that it's known as the "we don't care what else you bring, just bring your mustard", mustard. If we ever forgot to bring it to any of our outings no one would let us live it down.

We had a large working sheep ranch and summered in the mountains. It took about 10 days by campwagon, packstring, and several good working dogs to drive the sheep to our summer range. We stayed there most of the summer and just having a little comfort like our mustard was such a treat.

Over the years, our philosophy has remained the same. We use only the highest quality all natural ingredients.
We are dedicated to serving you with down home service and equability, because you are our greatest asset

Once you tried J P Fossil Creek Sweet Hot Mustard you'll never try another brand.

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