Welcome to JP Fossil Creek

We are a small family owned business that makes some of the best Homemade Sweet Hot Mustard around. Our special family recipe dates back almost 100 years and has been used by families, chefs and restaurants alike.

JP Fossil Creek's special recipe works great on all types of meat and is a tasty dip for vegetables and snacks. Our Homemade Sweet Hot Mustard is also fantastic as a sandwich spread or for making your favorite potato or macaroni salad. It's just a great compliment to any snack or dish.

JP Fossil Creek's Homemade Sweet Hot Mustard was previously only available to those living in the Pacific Northwest but now you can securely buy online. Order a single jar, a whole case or buy in bulk. Please call for more information.

Each order is packaged in an attractive re-usable 12.1 oz mug or our new 14.7 oz jar. Our Homemade Sweet Hot Mustard also makes a great gift for any occasion so order a few extra for friends and family so they won't eat all of yours.

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